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Planet Argon

When The Oregonian approached Planet Argon, it was clear that they had reached their platform’s flexibility limit. The company has maintained an online directory of more than 3,600 recipes that they’ve curated and tested since 2007. Unfortunately, the online experience was compromised by its many limitations, giving readers little ability to filter and search for specific recipes. Because the site lacked both visual richness and routes to explore, it was falling far short of its potential to enage the user.

We restructured the site, built a robust CMS, and added features to improve the experience for both The Oregonian team as well as the site’s users. I made sure to incorporate gorgeous photography, use legible and elegant typography, and design a site that works on absolutely all devices.

A recipe for Hot Cross Buns on an iPhone
The Recipe Box homepage on an iPad
A recipe for French Lamb Stew
The Recipe Box homepage